美国时代周刊高频词汇1000:Chapter2 简易词 动词(6)

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Chapter2 简易词 动词(6)

slash [slæ?] v. 大幅削减(经费) 【同】cut
Time and again, as La Mama’s grants from government have been slashed, her theater has been on the verge of closing.
█ grant n. (机构给予的)补助金
soar [s?r] v. 升高,(价格)暴涨 【同】rocket
Relations with Japan could soar. Economic friction has eased. The trade deficit has dropped 30% in the past year.
spark [spɑrk] v. 刺激,鼓舞 【同】promote trigger
Chirac’s task now is to heal the wounds of a bruising campaign, restore public confidence and spark a job-creating burst of economic growth.
█ bruising adj. 激烈的;a burst of 一阵
split [spl?t] v. 分裂
Relations between the countries hit a high after World War II when they coalesced to lead the world communist movement. But they split in the 1960s over ideological difference.
█ bit v. 达到;high adj. 高水准;coalesce v. 联合
stage [sted?] v. 推出,举办 【同】hold
But then he felt compelled to stage an impromptu press conference, at which he “revealed” that Russia’s military possesses something called an “Elipton, ”a weapon of mass destruction more powerful than a nuclear weapon.
█ to feel compelled to… 觉得应该……,觉得……是应有所为
stall [st?l] v. 使停止,阻挡
About 40000 refugees were stalled Saturday just outside Tanzania after the country closed its borders.
steer [st?r] v. 引导,带领 【同】guide
Firmly, I steer them away from cheap, ugly, weakling, mail-order clones and toward absurdly powerful machines that cost a fortune and make the room lights dim when they power up.
█ weakling adj. 瘦弱的; clone n. 复制品,克隆
stem [st?m] v. 源自(from);遏制
And newborn blacks are expected to live an average of seven years less than whites. That could stem from environmental factors, including access to medical care, since the gap was only six years as recently as 1985.
stimulate [ˋst?mj??let] v. 刺激,激励
During her campaign, she predicted that the tax cuts would help stimulate job growth of 450000 over four years.
strain [stren] v. 拉紧,过度使用
Then there is the eye-straining challenge of reading screenfuls of text from 2.4 m to 3.6 m away --- the distance most people sit from their TV sets.
stun [st?n] v. 是……震惊 【同】 amaze shock
The main charge by Onaruto and Hashimoto was that sumo is frequently rigged. And they stunned readers by naming manes and admitting that they themselves had helped fix bouts.
█ fix v. 用不正当手段操纵(选举、比赛、陪审团等),买通(法官等);bout n. 比赛
submit [s?bˋm?t] v. 提出
Last week House Speaker Newt Gingrich sent Clinton a letter urging him to submit within a month a plan outlining the cuts he could make to balance the budget in seven years.
█ outline v. 概述
sue [su] v. 控告
Seeking to change the system, female spies sue the CIA for discrimination.
suppress [s?ˋpr?s] v. 压制,阻止……的生长、发展 【同】restrain restrict
I am not sure they will be successful in suppressing the flow of information.
surrender [s?ˋr?nd?] v. 交出;放弃;投降
The World Wide Web, the interconnected computer universe that teems with affluent consumers whose only means of spending money online is to surrender their credit card to insecure networks…
█ to teem with 充满;富于
sustain [s?ˋsten] v. 维持,养活 【同】keep going
Assisted by the assets stashed away under the pension plan, the nation’s once anemic savings rate is up to a healthy 29%. That in turn has been a factor in helping sustain Chile’s enviable 8% annual growth rate.
█ anemic adj. 贫血的;to stash away 储藏,存放
tap [tæp] v. 轻按(电脑键)
A motorist lost in the San Fernando Valley can tap into GPS and get an instant position on the digitized map.
testify [ˋt?st??fa?] v. 作证
I may sound clinical and unemotional when I testify about these operations, but it does not reflect my true feelings…
█ clinical adj. 冷静的,客观的
threaten [ˋθr?tn] v. 扬言,放话
Under the proposed reforms, … anyone’s neighbor could threaten to convert his land into a toxic-waste dump and claim compensation from the government if he was not allowed to do it.
█ claim v. 要求,索讨
tolerate [ˋtɑl??ret] v. 容忍 【同】put up with
American capitalism likes entrepreneurs to have a gleam in their eye, and even tolerates some clawing and scratching as long as the playing field is level and the fight is fair.
█ a gleam in one’s eye 尚未形成的想法;claw v. (用爪)抓;scratch v. 抓
track [træk] v. 追踪
Still other sensors (in smart cars) will track and record the wear on parts and systems, alerting the driver to potential trouble, and will even flash warning when pressure in the tires is too low.
transcend [trænˋs?nd] v. 超越
But because she is an African-American woman, her importance to and impact on her times transcend the literary.
transfer [trænsˋf?] v. 转移,转账,转变
The software acts like an ATM, allowing you to transfer $20 to $100 from your bank into your (electronic) wallet before heading off onto the Web.
transform [trænsˋf?rm] v. 改变
They would more radically transform the system by ending the income tax entirely and by shifting to taxes on consumption.
undergo [??nd?ˋɡo] v. 接受(检查、手术等),经历(underwent, undergone) 【同】 go through
Foreigners who intend to spend more than three months in Russia must now undergo mandatory testing to prove they are not infected with HIV…
█ mandatory adj. 强制的
undermine [??nd?ˋma?n] v. 损坏,破坏
The prosecution opened its murder case against O.J. Simpson by presenting witnesses and evidence intended to undermine his public image as a genial ex-jock with a portrait of a jealous wife abuser.
█ genial adj. 亲切的、友善的;jock n. 运动员
undertake [??nd?ˋtek] v. 采用,执行 【同】 take on
His army, he declared, had been ordered to undertake measures to prevent any further strangulation of the city.
█ strangulation n. (成长、发展)受阻,窒息
worship [ˋw???p] v. 崇拜,崇敬 【同】adore venerate
For most of this century, scientists have worshipped the hardware of the brain and the software of the mind; the messy powers of the heart were left to the poets.
█ messy adj. 杂乱的