美国时代周刊高频词汇1000:Chapter3 简易词 名词(1)

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Chapter3 简易词 名词(1)
access [ˋæks?s] n. (使用、看某物)机会或权利
Theoretically at least, whole populations will have direct access to information without waiting for it to be filtered through a government, or a press.
agenda [?ˋd??nd?] n. 议程,行动计划
He has a modest domestic agenda centered on improving education and strengthening families, and he believes most of those programs can run without much direct input from him.
ally [?ˋla?] n. 盟邦 【同】confederate 【反】enemy
Just as Clinton’s first official overseas trip, in 1993, was to Asia, … his first post-election trip will take him back to the region for visits with three other major allies --- Australia, the Philippines and Thailand.
amateur [ˋæm??t?] n. 业余爱好者 【反】professional
In February their lovers’ quarrel in Central Park was captured on an amateur’s videotape, which tabloid TV shows replayed over and over again.
█ tabloid adj. 专报耸动、煽情新闻的
anarchy [ˋæn?k?] n. 无政府状态 【同】chaos
Tirana is in total anarchy.
anguish [ˋæ?ɡw??] n. (心理上的)苦楚,烦恼 【同】agony
Not since 1932, when Franklin D. Roosevelt promised a New Deal to ease the economic and social anguish of the Great Depression, has a U.S. presidential race been so focused on domestic affairs.
approach [?ˋprot?] n. 方法、途径
The approach favored by IDEC Pharmaceuticals … is to target all active T cells with a custom-made antibody that can temporarily knock the immune cells out of commission.
█ custom-made adj. 订制的,非现成的;out of commission 损坏,无法运作
assault [?ˋs?lt] n. 攻击 【同】attack
Such assaults are most likely to injure the large service providers, sober institutions more culturally attuned to their governmental attackers than the info-guerrillas of cyberspace.
█ sober adj. 严肃的,持重的;to be attuned to 适应于……,配合
bailout [bel?a?t] n. 融资,紧急救助
In Washington the Clinton Administration’s proposed $ 40 billion bailout of the weakened peso met with stiff opposition from Democrats.
boom [bum] n&v. 繁荣,暴涨 【反】slump
The wealth comes from initial public offerings of stock, or IPOs, which are experiencing an unprecedented boom in the great American bull market of the past two years.
boost [bust] n. 暴增
Companies such as K Mart have performed brilliantly, slicing overhead and enjoying the resultant earnings boost, but have failed to grow once the cutting stopped.
█ slice(将面包、肉等)切成薄片;overhead经常开支,一般费用
boycott [ˋb???kɑt] n. 杯葛,抵制
Harry Edwards, the American sociologist who attempted to organize a black boycott of the 1968 Games in Mexico City in a bid to call attention to the plight of black athletes in America…
█ bid n. 努力,试图
campaign [kæmˋpen] n. (社会、政治上的)运动,竞选活动 v. 参加竞选
Only once did Bill Clinton raise a significant example of foreign policy. That came in the campaign’s final fortnight, when he proposed that NATO begin admitting Central and East European nations to the Atlantic alliance by 1999.
chaos [ˋkeɑs] n. 混乱
In the first few years there may be panic and chaos, but the people will learn to fit into the new system very fast.
character [ˋkær?kt?] n. 角色,人物
The world’s No.1 toymaker, whose products range from Fisher-Price infant and preschool toys to Disney-licensed characters, gets more than one-third of its nearly $4 billion in sales from the 29.2-cm-tall mannequin.
█mannequin n. (艺术家使用的)人体模型
clash [klæ?] n. 冲突,抵触
Perhaps the greatest threat in the clash between science and politics is that researchers might allow potential controversy to deter them from investigating sensitive subjects.
clout [kla?t] n. 权利,影响力,威信 【同】weight
His leadership abilities and attempt to bring some clout to the traditionally rubber-stamp Congress will be put to the test when it meets in March.
coalition [?ko?ˋl???n] n. 联合,联合政府 【同】alliance
The Rev. Kang Shin Seok, a Presbyterian minister who witnessed the mayhem, now heads a coalition of victimized people’s groups.
目击了这场暴力事件的长老会牧师Kang Shin Seok,现在是几个受难者团体组成的联盟的领导人。
combat [ˋkɑmbæt] n. 战斗
Even now, despite Beijing’s displeasure, Washington is selling Taiwan combat aircraft and other equipment.
commonplace [ˋkɑm?n?ples] n. 寻常的事,老生常谈 adj. 寻常的,不稀奇的
It’s become commonplace to note that voters treated Bill Clinton in 1992 the way Wall Street treats a stock.
compass [ˋk?mp?s] n. 指南针
A new Secretary of State will hold the compass. Warren Christopher will vacate his State Department office by January.
█vacate v. 辞退(职位),让出(位子)
compassion [k?mˋpæ??n] n. 同情,悲悯
At home, with the gap between rich and poor widening, the seemingly ingrained American notions of compassion, codified during the New Deal, are colliding with the fears of those who feel financially strapped …
█ingrained adj.(习惯、想法)根深蒂固的;condify v. 把……编成法典;collide v.(意见、目的)相冲突,抵触,同clash
conflict [ˋkɑnfl?kt] n. 冲突
Even though Chechnya could not hope to win its secessionist war against Moscow, Dudayev warned that continued fighting might well draw neighboring republics into a wider regional conflict.
consequence [ˋkɑns??kw?ns] n. 后果
At home labor costs per unit of output are going down, a consequence of rising productivity, and falling oil prices are putting another damper on inflation.
█to put a damper on 抑制,使扫兴
conspiracy [k?nˋsp?r?s?] n. 阴谋
Hale became the target of a flood of hate Email, much of it accusing him of being part of a conspiracy to suppress the true nature of Hale-Bopp.
█suppress v. 隐瞒(姓名、证据、事实等)
credibility [?kred??b?l?ti] n. 可信度
Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that the organization (U.N.) desperately needs a rapid-reaction capacity if it is to maintain credibility in emergencies.