美国时代周刊高频词汇1000:Chapter4 普通词 形容词、副词(1)

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Chapter4 普通词 形容词、副词(1)
acute (a.).1(感觉)强烈的,(事态)严重的;2(视觉 嗅觉等)敏锐的 同1.severe 2.keen
In the past, the(Mexican)ruling classes emphasized our acute differences with the Anglo-Saxons in order to affirm our separate identity.
affable (a.)和蔼可亲的 同amicable
Indeed,Clinton was more than conciliatory when he met with Gingrich on Thursday and the new Speaker was affable in return.
affiliated (a.)(与某较大组织) 有紧密关系的,附属〔某较大组织〕的
Games’ sponsor Visa International and three affiliated banks are using Atlanta as a beachhead for the introduction to the U.S. of smart cards an electronic substitute for cash.
aggressive (a.)富有略性的,挑衅的同belligerent
Says farmer Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger:”Their whole foreign policy has turned suddenly much more aggressive,and that bodes no good for the nature of any people.”
前国防部长温伯格说:” 他们的外交政策突然整个变得更富侵略性,这对任何民族天性来说都不会有好结果。 “
allegedly (adv.)据称,据说, (证据不足的情况下) 遭指控地
Hard Rock creator Peter Morton sued Earl for allegedly purloining Hard Rock business plans. The issue was settled without a trial.
•purloin (v.)偷
aloft (adv.)在高处,在空中
The bronze sculpture depict a man holding a pipe aloft as an offering to the Great Spirit.
alternate (a.)交替的,替代的
The opposition says the government should concentrate on alternate energy sources and restrict the growth of industries like petrochemicals that consume a lot of energy.
Gates is ambivalent about his celebrity.
His personal arsenal,including a Czech machine gun and assorted pistols,shotguns and Rifles, was stashed in the trunk of his car.
他个人的式器,包括一支捷克制机枪 各式各样的手枪 猎枪 步枪,全藏在车子的行李厢里。
•arsenal(n.)储藏的武器stash (v.)藏放
Last year,after months of deliberation,Collins left his faculty post at the University of Michigan Medical School to lead the Human Genome Project,an audacious effort to decipher the complete genetic script contained inhuman cells.
austere (a.)(人)严肃的,(东西 生活)朴实的
The Puppet master(1993)and last year's Good Men Good Women,with their austere poignancies,played all the best festivals,though they remain a coterie taste.
•poignancy (n)尖锐,深刻Coterie ( n.)(具排他性的)小圈圈,集团.
Kosuke Tsumura,another Miyake student,launched his K-Zelle line in 1992 and two years later debuted in Paris with avant-garde Mad Max costume.
benevolent (a.)仁慈的
Ruthless company-downsizing drives and continued layoffs,coupled with rising pay for top managers,have made their bosses look a good deal less benevolent.
•layoff (n.)解雇;a goad deal 常,极其
bewildered (a.)迷惑的,张惶失措的同perplexed
One thing that has observers bewildered is how the White House, could have put forward Foster’s nomination without getting the abortion issue squared away in advance.
•to square away把(难题)处理掉;摆平(以放手进行其他事)
bizarre (a.)怪异的同weird
Floods.Droughts.Hurricane.Twisters.Are all the bizarre weather extremes we’ve been having lately normal fluctuations in the planet's atmospheric systems?
•extremes (n.)(行为 情报上的)极端;fluctuation (n.)(气候 市价等的)变动
What the network didn’t know--and didn’t bother to find out --was that Jammal was a hoaxer and that large segments of its program were based on blatant and ludicrous pseudoscience.
该电视台所不知道的 也未曾特意去探究的,就是詹玛尔是个骗子,而且该电视台的节目大部分都是根据明显的,可笑的伪科学来制作的。
blue-chip (a.)(在同行业中)最获利的,最赚钱的
Such entreaties(to safeguard the patents of manufacturers) have become essential for Americans blue-chip companies as they charge into the vast markets of China and its East Asian neighbors.
•entreaty (r.)恳求,乞求,Charge (v.)冲锋,向前冲
capricious (a.)1(性情)善变的,反复无常的;2(事物)变化无常的同impulsive mercurial同unpredictable反dependable
Earthquakes…are capricious beasts ruled by what physicists refer to as nonlinear dynamics,which means precise forecasting of when and where they will occur is impossible.
chronic (a.).1(疾病)慢性的;2(行为 恶习)习以为常的,积习成癖的同persistent同habitual
Psychiatrists stress,however,that a few injections of medication and some sessions with a psychotherapist are just the beginning. Pedophilia is a chronic disorder.
compatible (a.)相容的,兼容的 反incompatible
No one except Microsoft executives disputes the fact that Microsoft is,in fact,a monopoly at least in IBM-compatible computer-operating systems. Some 8 out of 10 desktop computers run the Microsoft software.
compelling (a.)极吸引人的,令人无法抗拒的
Winfrey,42,had a troubled childhood,but her genius was to realize that those troubles and similar ones experienced by ordinary people all over America -- could make for compelling television.
complacent (a.)自满的
That does not mean that the people of Kwangju are growing complacent or law enforcement agencies less vigilant.
•vigilant (a.)提防的,带戒心的
Although labeled “privileged and confidential,”copies of the telephone survey are mysteriously ending up in the hands of reporters and environmentalists in both Alabama and Missouri.
•Privileged( a.)仅供少数人知道的,机密的;to end up.最后变成
congenial (a.)(人)意气相投的;(环境)令人愉快的同agreeable
If we really mean to lead,and to bring about a world more or less congenial to us,we should stop pretending that we can do the job on the cheap and by remote control.
TIME--CNN polls have shown a consistent majority of voters---56% VS.34%in last week's survey favoring creation of a full-fledged new party.
对于成立另一个正式政党,TIME与CNN合作的多项民意调查一致显示有过半数选民同意,如上周的调查即是56%鲜赞成, 34%反对。
Conspicuous (a.)显著的 反inconspicuous
But the White House sees any conspicuous effort to placate Jackson as dangerous to its efforts to win back disaffected white moderates.
•placate(v.)安抚;disaffected (a.)(对政府等)不满的