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  Fortunately the process of keeping your resources focused post-launch is entirely the same. You need to pick your battles and allocate your resources toward the few initiatives that will be best served to do the one thing right that is truly driving your company. Serving the needs and whims of every customer sounds great, but it can also be a terrible detour when trying to keep the forward progress of your company moving.

  If at any point during your journey you??re unsure whether or not you??re spending your time and resources effectively, just ask yourself one question, ??Is this driving the core benefit of our product. If the answer is yes, you’re headed in the right direction.

  幸运的是,将您的资源保留在发布后的过程是完全一样的。 您需要选择您的战斗,并将资源分配给少数几项举措,最有效的做法是真正推动您的公司正确运转。 满足每个客户的需求和想法都听起来不错,但是当您努力保持公司前进的进展时,也可能是一个可怕的绕行。

  如果您在旅途中的任何时候不确定您是否有效地花费您的时间和资源,只要问自己一个问题,这是否是我们产品的核心优势。 如果答案是肯定的,你将朝着正确的方向前进。


云顶app下载注册礼金  My father is an engineer. He works very hard. Once I asked my father what the secret of success was. He didn't say a word, but wrote a few words on a piece of paper and handed it to me. I looked at the paper.

  ()n it was written: A= X+Y+Z. "What does it mean?"I asked. "A means success, explained my father. "X means hard, Y means good ways, and Z means you must stop talking and start to work." That's right. From then on, I tried my best to be better.

云顶app下载注册礼金  我的父亲是工程师。 他很努力工作。 一旦我问父亲什么是成功的秘诀。 他没有说一个字,但在一张纸上写了几句话,并交给我。 我看着纸。

  ()n写为:A = X + Y + Z。 “这是什么意思?”我问。 “A意味着成功,解释了我的父亲,”X意味着辛苦,Y意味着很好的方式,而Z意味着你必须停止说话,开始工作“,没错,从此,我尽力做到更好。


  To be or nor to be, that is a question. To succeed or to fail? How to succeed and how to achieve? These problems confuse many teenagers in nowadays.

  We all have dreams, and we all work hard to realize them. But there will always be some problems and setbacks to stop the pace of advance. When they appear, what should we do? To stop or to go on? Mrs. Curie told us the answer. We all know that Mrs. Curie discovered radium, but how many people really know how hard she worked? At that time, there were many people disapprove of Mrs. Curie. Although she got over hundreds of difficulties, she still believed in herself and never gave up. Finally, she succeeded to discover radium. She proved that she was right by her continuous hard work and her strong spirit. We should learn from Mrs. Curie. She told us the truth through her own experiences that believe in yourself, you can do it! Never give up, face the difficulties with a smile, someday, you will be proud of yourself.

云顶app下载注册礼金  The key to success is confidence. It makes you brave, helps you get over the troubles, and brings motivation to you. For example, somebody always get nervous when they have an important speech, if they are in a nervous mood, the results are always terrible. But if they are confident to themselves, the results turn out to be better. Therefore, be confident, believe in yourself, keep smile in your face when comes to difficulties, and you will achieve more.

云顶app下载注册礼金  成为或不是,这是一个问题。要成功还是失败?如何成功和如何实现?这些问题混淆了当今许多青少年。













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